Solenoid Valves – What Should We Know About Them?

Exactly when we buy certain things for our home, which implies mechanical assemblies like coffee makers, garments washers or dishwashers, we never consider how they are made, or about what makes them work. We never consider the path that there are certain parts which make them work and that without these parts we can’t doContinue reading “Solenoid Valves – What Should We Know About Them?”

What is NAMUR Solenoid Valve?

The solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve for use with fluid or gas. The valve is constrained by an electric flow through a solenoid: on account of a two-port valve, the stream is turned on or off; on account of a three-port valve, the outpouring is exchanged between the two outlet ports. Intended for directContinue reading “What is NAMUR Solenoid Valve?”