3 Most Common Solenoid Valve Problems and Troubleshooting

Assuming you are encountering issues with solenoid valves or very much prefer to be ready for surprising events, you are simply perfectly located! In this blog, we will slow down the three most normal solenoid valve issues that can save you a ton of time.

Before we become specialists on solenoid valve issues, we should get down to the nuts and bolts. How about we investigate what precisely is a 1 inch solenoid valve and what is the reason for it.

What is a solenoid valve?

A Solenoid valve is utilized to control fluid or gas stream in the framework. These valves are utilized for stopping, delivery, blend or portion fluid or gases. Solenoid valves can be of various sorts, for example, 2-way, 3-way or other.

The following is a rundown of the 3 most normal issues, which can show up during utilizing solenoid valves.

We propose you make yourself an agenda!

1. Solenoid valve doesn’t open/close appropriately

Check the power supply and ensure voltage and recurrence are right. Likewise, really look at the associations.

Check on the off chance that there is no soil/erosion under the stomach, curl doesn’t wear out, or not missing parts

Check in the event that stream bearing coordinates with the pointers on the valve body or matches inside limits as determined in the valve manual.

2. Curl wore out, liquefied, or cold with power on

Check to assume the power supply is right and the loop can disseminate heat by ventilation. Introduce another loop and never power the curl when not mounted on the valve.

Check for dampness inside and supplant if important. Supplant any harmed or bowed armatures too, and actually take a look at media similarity with your valve. Remember to move solenoid valves into cooler regions or you might increment ventilation around valves and curl.

3. Solenoid valve spills

Check on the off chance that it’s not harmed or worn seals, o-rings, films, and assuming essential supplant it.

Check on the off chance that there are not inside valve holes minuscule particles of cuttings, sand, and rust. Cautiously perfect all parts and ensure the lines are spotless.

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