What is NAMUR Solenoid Valve?

The solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve for use with fluid or gas. The valve is constrained by an electric flow through a solenoid: on account of a two-port valve, the stream is turned on or off; on account of a three-port valve, the outpouring is exchanged between the two outlet ports. Intended for direct mounting in any situation on the NAMUR interface, the NAMUR solenoid valve has an anodized aluminum body, hardened steel spool, and metal interior parts. Spring return permits safeguard activity if there should be an occurrence of intensity misfortune, and screened exhaust nut ensures valve work during open-air use. Various solenoid valves can be put together on a valve complex. 

Solenoid valves are most of the time utilized control components in fluidics. Their errands are to stop, discharge, portion, disperse or blend liquids. They are found in numerous application territories. Solenoids offer quick and safe exchanging, high dependability, long help life, great medium similarity of the materials utilized, low control force, and minimized plan. A solenoid valve has two principal parts: the solenoid and the valve. The solenoid changes over electrical energy into mechanical energy which, thusly, opens or shuts the valve precisely. An immediate acting valve has just a little stream circuit, appeared inside area E of this chart (this part is referenced beneath as a pilot valve). This stomach guided valve increases this little stream by utilizing it to control the course through a lot bigger hole. 

The NAMUR Solenoid valve is utilized in liquid force pneumatic and pressure-driven frameworks to control chambers, liquid force engines, or bigger mechanical valves. Programmed water system sprinkler frameworks likewise use solenoid valves with a programmed regulator. Homegrown clothes washers and dishwashers use solenoid valves to control the water section to the machine. In the paintball business, solenoid valves are typically alluded to just as “solenoids.” Solenoid valves are utilized in dental seats to control wind currents. In the business, “solenoid” may likewise allude to an electromechanical solenoid ordinarily used to activate a burn.

Aira Euro Automation is the Best Namur Solenoid Valve Manufacturer in India, Aira has a wide range of pneumatic and manually operated industrial valves. They export their products in more than 20 countries including Gulf countries.

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