Water Pressure Reducing Valve

A water pressure reducing valve is installed to reduce any kind of damage caused by pressurization and also the consumption of water is reduced. We should maintain the pressure at the time of installation; it reduces any kind of fluctuations.

The main application of using a water pressure reducing valve is that protects the installations (for the domestic purposes) from the industrial applications.

Everybody is aware that due to high pressure, a lot of water eventually goes to waste. Thus this equipment is very important. There are mainly two types of water pressure reducing valves. One is the direct-acting valve while the other is the pilot-operated one. Both of them possess a globe like or an angle like body. Generally, the valves that are used on lesser diameter pipes are made up of brass while the ones which have pipes of bigger diameter are made up of ductile iron. The main purpose of the water pressure reducing valve is to reduce the pressure and so it reduces the pressure to normal levels when it reaches the water tap at the receiving end. The size of the valve should be proper or it may cause various disturbances. 

A valve which is not of a proper size generally produces noise. And also the pressure may not be reduced to the desired levels if the size of the valve is not appropriate. These valves should be selected depending on various specifications like the flow range and the pressure range. The pressure valve may have an end to end configuration or a parallel configuration. It all depends on the actual pressure of water from the main reservoir. The valve is very essential as the high pressure if left unregulated will eventually lead to a lot of wastage of water.

The water pressure reducing valve is an essential tool and is incorporated in almost all households and any place where water needs to be used. It also has a regulator along with it. The main purpose of the regulator is to maintain the pressure. Also if the difference in pressure of the main reservoir and the household tap requirement is huge, then instead of only one regulator, two-way regulators should be used. They can easily control such a big pressure difference. In case you need a continuous water supply but the pressure should be less, then you would incorporate the parallel installation.

There are many valve manufacturers are in the market, Aira Euro is the major Water Pressure Reducing Valve manufacturer in all of them. Their made valves perform very well in working lines. Their business is spread in more than 20 countries including Gulf countries.

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