5 Points for Selecting a Pneumatic Actuator

With contemporary facilities and automation, the actuators become a key part of a process plant. When it’s refineries, manufacturing plants, or pipeline compressor stations, you’ll find pneumatic actuators working out best to guarantee these facilities run continuously.

Actuator is a device that converts signal obtained from the control into an action. Pneumatic actuators have a piston enclosed within a cylinder. They are powered by the external air or gas supply to move the cylinder so they can control or operate a valve. In this blog, we talk about 5 factors which need proper attention before you start selecting a Pneumatic actuator.

1. Sizing

To choose what actuator is an ideal match, Size, Design and Media temp would be the crucial, Differential pressure additionally needs to be considered while performing so. Oversized you can damage the stem cells, whereas undersized won’t be in a position to run the valve as desired.

2. Force

Force that is needed to actuate the valve is another essential element. The drive denotes the quantity of torque/thrust required to transfer the valve out of the open to closed position. This totally depends on the type of valve, sort of media, its own torque, provide pressures, which fail manners a valve would be.

3. Compatibility

Pneumatic actuator completely depends/relies on air distribution. Usually, a valve demands a pressure array of 35 PSI 140 PSI to build a strain to move the valve. If required pressure cannot be made available again, selection of these piston will want a shift.

4. Frequency of performance

How many times the valve is worked has a direct correlation to the durability of mechanical drives. For example, isolating valves may have significantly less wear as a consequence if infrequent use as compared to valves which continuously operate. Based on this actuator requires a choice.

5. Security

Safety has no choice in general, so is true for valves as well. It’s always a best or rather only option when picking an actuator. In case of emergency, the actuator should be able receive the valve at a fail-safe place.

Though price is the next and most important thing, while buying one obviously considers it. Greater torque considered means bigger the actuator will lead to an increase in electricity consumption. But in the event that you rightly size the actuator price won’t be a significant concern.
Being attentive and quality conscious, right on specialized is the sole means to purchase the right actuator for the application.

Aira Euro Automation is a leading Pneumatic Actuator Manufacturer in India. They make actuators with CE approved standard criteria, to prevent any damage to the machines.

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