Do I need a pressure reducing valve in my home?

Lowering the pressure in your plumbing system may sound like a counter-intuitive notion, as many complaints regarding water pressure typically stem from the other end of the scale.

When water only trickles from the showerhead instead of supplying a strong, even stream, your system is suffering from low water pressure. This is sometimes brought about by several plumbing issues, such as leaks and blockages in your plumbing.

However, there’s a stage where high water pressure can place a strain on your home plumbing system and that is the area where pressure reducing valves arrive in.

What’s a pressure reducing valve?

Pressure reducing valves are installed on the main water line which actively decreases the strain of water traveling in your home. The device has an internal spring and diaphragm which the water must proceed through, inducing immunity and as a result, lowering the pressure to the specified level prior to entering the plumbing system.

The very best feature of this valve is its ability to adapt to sudden pressure changes. As they are set to regulate your water flow to a certain water pressure, the spring and diaphragm will automatically limit when pressure suddenly increases.

If your home was built after the 1980s, it is likely your home will already have a pressure reducing valve installed. However, these devices only have a lifespan of about 10 years, therefore it is worth phoning in your regional Perth plumber to inspect and replace the valve if required.

It goes without saying that you should call in a plumbing specialist to offer their advice on installing a pressure reducing valve if the home was constructed before this time period. Aira euro automation is the one of the Pressure Reducing Valve Manufacturer and supplier in india and also exports to other countries.

What can cause elevated water pressure?

The main culprit of water pressure within your house is your municipal water supplier. Often the supplier amps up the water pressure to make sure it is powerful enough to attain each floor of a high rise construction, in addition to outlets like hydrants.

Due to this, your home can have higher water pressure as it requires to function properly — with a few measuring in over 100 psi. Anything above 80 psi can cause significant wear and tear on your own system.

Do you know the dangers of high water strain on your own system?

Not only can excessively large water pressure damage your system, but it can also have an adverse effect on your water-dependent appliances. This may result in flood, leaks and damaged appliances, and significantly lower the life span of your house’s whole water system.

High pressure can also wreak havoc on your water bill since it contributes to much more water flowing through your fittings than needed. Not only will reducing your water pressure rescue your hip pocket, but it will also make your house more environmentally friendly.

In case you’ve noticed a banging sound in your pipes after turning the water off or when your irrigation cycle comes to a conclusion, this is an indication that the water pressure is too high. The sound is called a water hammer, that happens when water abruptly shifts direction or comes to an abrupt stop.

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